Practitioner Services

A Spiritual Practitioner is one who can give a Spiritual perspective to everyday situations. He is one who can see an abundant Universe when lack and limitation are all around. He sees Vitality when the world sees sickness. He sees the Eternal Life where the end of life seems eminent. He knows Life is about Joy even when Joy seems far away.

He can help you see the Truth when all you see are lies.

As a Spiritual Practitioner I work in the quantum field of Mind. I use Spiritual Laws, Affirmative Prayer and Universal Principles to allow the natural energies of Life flow as they are intended. Once these physical and spiritual energies are in balance within the individual healing is the natural result.

If you would like to explore what my services as a professional Spiritual Practitioner could mean in your life, I’d like to offer a complimentary Discovery Session.

In this Discovery Session we will explore your desires, help clarify your intentions and establish an Affirmative Truth that will help you achieve the highest intentions for your life.

Discover Sessions are available Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:00-9:00 pm (PDT)

To schedule your complimentary Discovery Session please fill out the form below. Indicate your preference for day and time and I will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Peace NOW! and much love – Billy

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