About the Author

W.G. Shank, better known as Billy in real life, is a musician,  writer,  graphic designer, massage therapist, life-long surfer and a Religious Science Practitioner. Most Sundays he accompanies his wife, singer/songwriter Andrea Lane, as the musical inspiration at New Thought Spiritual Centers around the country.

Earlier in his adult life Billy was shanghaied into coaching his stepdaughters AYSO soccer team. Like millions around the world, he developed a passion for the sport. He eventually earned National certifications as both a coach and referee and for years was an instructor to both.  Billy still counts his trip to South Africa for the 2010 World Cup as one of his all-time road trips.

Enamored early in life by the martial arts, Billy studied various forms most of his adult life, He currently holds a Nidan rank in Aikido (2nd degree black) and is a certified instructor with the International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation in Japan.

Most mornings you will find Billy at the beach, drinking his coffee, contemplating the immensities and, if the waves are good, in the water surfing. Otherwise he’ll be running in the sand or skating on the Strand, envisioning the next book or the next song, or trying to forgive some guy who yelled at him on the soccer field.

** Billy is the author of two previous books: ‘The Diamond System’, a systems of play soccer instructional (currently out of print) and; ‘Corpi Meets the CF Kid’, a children’s book for kids with Cystic Fibrosis (email me and I’ll send you one). Both are working their way into the digital age and will soon be available through this website or Amazon.com.

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