Each day we will post a new ‘Exercise‘ that covers a particular aspect of the storytelling process. We will cover the ‘Protagonist’, the ‘Antagonist’, the ‘Conflict’, the ‘Climactic Moment’, and the ‘Resolution’. Your last Exercise will be to write and ‘Affirmation’ based on what you’ve learned in the process of creating your story.

Each ‘Exercise’ will be supported by several blogs that will help you clarify what exactly you’re doing so don’t be intimidated if the thought of writing and ‘essay’ takes you back to some nightmare from high school. You’ll find these blogs in the ‘Categories’ in the sidebar. Some are available now if you’d care to take a look.

This process is about working on one specific real-life ‘issue’ so don’t cheat yourself by creating a generic scenario. Take something real from your life that you just cannot let go of. If you’ve read this far I’m sure you’ve got something you’re working on. You don’t need to take the biggest thing going on right now but at least make it real. You can tackle the bigger fish once you’ve got your feet wet.

I can’t promise the process will be painless. In fact it may be quite painful. Reliving anything that needs forgiving is never easy. But this process will allow you a new perspective and, if you’re willing to do the deal, help you to forgive that person or that issue that’s been tying you in knots for so long.

To get into each ‘Exercise’ you’ll need a password which you’ll get when you Register. The same password will work for each ‘Exercise’.

So grab your pencil, your paper, and your ‘issue’ and let’s get started.