If I’m Sad I’m probably feeling a bit lost and empty. I might even feel betrayed. My sorrow could be wrapped up in with a sense of loss or grief which might throw a little guilt in there too. I might feel lonely or be caught up in yearning and nostalgia. There’s a good chance I feel weak, vulnerable and helpless. I might be disappointed or discouraged and maybe overwhelmed. I’m probably pessimistic and steeped in doubt, worry and insecurity. On some level I probably feel unworthy and I might even be embarrassed about how I feel. If it’s really bad I’m depressed and deep in despair.

Does any of this feel familiar? How does your body feel right now? Do you feel heavy? Are your shoulders slumping a bit? Did you sigh somewhere along the way? Does a nap sound good right about now? All of these might indicate that Sadness could be the primary emotion behind your need to forgive.

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