More on Feelings and Emotions

As we said in our Basic Assumptions, you are embodied with Divine Qualities. They are an inherent part of your nature and crucial to your development physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Among these Divine Qualities are Love, Beauty, Joy, Peace, Power, Light, Intelligence, Truth, Abundance, Unity and Creativity. These are just a few but you get the picture. Something in this scenario has made you feel disconnected with one or more of these Qualities. You can whittle down which ones by looking at those feelings.

For example:

If I’m feeling primarily SAD I probably feel like no one loves me, joy is a distant memory, there is no such thing as security and I don’t deserve it anyway.

If I’m mostly in FEAR there’s nothing I can do to feel secure and there’s no one I can turn to help me. No one understands and they don’t care anyway. I don’t dare let my guard down and feel happy because that’s when things always go bad.

If I’m ANGRY someone took my only hope of love, happiness or security and I wasn’t able to stop them. But I still want to kill them. But since I haven’t done it yet I probably won’t. So I’m probably a coward too.

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