Elements of Story

All stories contain certain specific elements.

To begin with, all stories have a ‘Protagonist’. That’s the ‘good guy’. In this story the Protagonist will be based on YOU.

Likewise, all stories have an ‘Antagonist’; the ‘bad guy’. In this story the Antagonist is the ‘Who’; based on the person you feel you need to forgive.

All stories revolve around a ‘Conflict’ between the Protagonist and the Antagonist; this is the ‘What’, ‘When’, and ‘Where’ of your story.

And all stories have a ‘Climactic Moment’ where it seems all is lost; this is the ‘Why’ of your story.

Lastly, all stories have a ‘Resolution’; this is when the Conflict between the Protagonist and Antagonist is resolved. In your story we will arrive at a Spiritual Resolution using Spiritual Principles to shine Truth on the Conflict.

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