Assumptions About God

A little prelude here: I realize some might have a tough time with the ‘G’ word. Don’t let it slow you down. If ‘Nature‘, or ‘Life’, or ‘The Universe’, or ‘Good’, or ‘Higher Power’ works for you, fine, use it.

It’s a rare one of us who doesn’t hold out, on some level, for a grander scheme of things; something more than what we perceive with our five senses; something more to us than just our flesh, blood and bone.

For our purposes it doesn’t matter if you think of God as some guy up in the clouds keeping score or just a big blob of energy. All that matters is that you can accept there is some ‘Higher Power’ from which you came.

Throughout the ages God has been referred to as ‘Him’ or ‘Her’ and having varying human traits attributed to ‘It’. There’s a good reason for that. Being human we tend to personify everything. It’s easier for us, it helps us relate.

Even Jesus referred to God as ‘the Father’. In fact, the word he used, ‘Abba,’ actually translates closer to ‘Daddy’. It’s an endearing term, one he could relate to intimately. So, even though I will generally refer to God as ‘It’, if you want to use ‘Him‘ or ‘Her’ or ‘Scooby Doo’, go right ahead.


There is One Ultimate power in the Universe from which all else comes. This power is Infinite, Intelligent and Creative. I will call it God or Spirit.

This is pretty basic stuff but it needs to be stated. It’s amazing how we can bypass the most basic assumptions as we arrive at our conclusions about life. This is the most basic assumption, God Is.


To piggyback on our first assumption, we’re going to assume God is intelligent and creative. These are self-evident facts we can perceive easily just on our limited physical side of life. But again, sometimes the most obvious can slide right past us.

All we need do is look at Nature and see how plants grow, how babies are born, how the planets stay in their orbits, how atoms combine to take myriad forms. To think any of this happened randomly would be to stretch the lines of credibility way past their limits. Intelligence, at some grand level, rules the Universe.

And the fact that there are so many ‘forms’ of all types proves this Infinite Spirit is creative. Every Spring life renews itself, stars continue to come in and out of existence, two cells combine to make a living being. It is clear if this Infinite Intelligence is anything, It is creative.

Not was creative, but is creative, present tense. It is creating NOW, continually and all the times.

Also, since God is Infinite, It can never be hurt in any way. That’s right! The things that bother us here on planet Earth are of no consequence to an eternal being. This will come into play later, but for now just be glad it’s true.

So, to recap; we’ve got this Infinite Thing that’s smart and likes to make stuff. Okay, what next?


It would make sense that if this Infinite thing likes to make stuff, it would create an environment in which that stuff can thrive. I mean, why make something just to have it fizzle out. We don’t even do that as humans. Who plants a seed just to watch it not grow? No, we water and nurture it and hope it will grow lots of fruit. We raise our children the same way. We create a business with every intention it will succeed. God is the same way – It makes stuff and then provides whatever is needed to support it. We see the evidence everywhere.

In the words of 19th Century jurist, Judge Thomas Troward; “It is an unavoidable conclusion that the all-originating Spirit’s inherent desire is to add to the fullness of any individual life – that is, to make it stronger, brighter and happier.”

I think Jesus said it best – “It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom…that you may have Life and have it in abundance.”

In essence, this is the same conclusion Judge Troward reached. But Jesus, being the master teacher, could speak profound truths in simple ways. He shows us constantly that this All Originating Spirit is intimately interested in our experience and wants very much for life to be pleasant and good.

But it gets even better. While it’s possible to think that this Infinite Power is merely a blind force, creating and providing in an endless cycle – in truth it is much more than that.

Again we go to Judge Troward who further states, “(this) desire to bestow the greater fullness of a joyous life can only be described as love.”

So now we’ve got this Infinite Thing that is really smart and likes to create stuff, and it loves and cares about what It creates.


If God is Infinite, then God is All, and if God is All, then God must be everything, including everything It makes. That would include me. It’s funny how something that makes so much sense can be so hard to believe. On the one hand, it’s an inevitable conclusion of an Infinite Reality but on the other, it’s nearly impossible to live as though it were true.

Some would say I am a child of God, coming from God but separate from Him, kind of like a baby comes from its parents but isn’t them. Others might say I am God operating as an individualized expression of Itself and no separation exists.  Let it be said this is not the forum for this discussion.

For now, let’s just say although I am not all of God, God is certainly all of me, and leave it at that. If it still presents a problem, suspend your disbelief.

So, now we have this Infinite Power that is really smart and likes to make stuff and It cares about me!


When I say ‘Divine Qualities’ I refer to those qualities I would most often refer to as ‘Good Qualities’. These can be things like Love, Peace, Beauty, Joy, Intelligence and Creativity. I call them Divine Qualities because they are qualities that, if I did believe in an Infinite, loving God, they are qualities It would have. They are also the Qualities that if I were at my best, I would have.


We have this Infinite Power whose main intent is to bestow a more joyous and bountiful life upon Its creation. That’s pretty awesome. Isn’t that what we all want for our friends, our children, our family, ourselves? And that’s what God wants for us. It doesn’t get any better than that. It’s all about LOVE!

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